Offshore and Marine

Professional camera systems for hazardous areas.

CCTV Nordic offers Explosion Proof Cameras for Offshore, Refineries and Fuel Depots – and stainless steel solutions for marine applications.

Our solutions range from simple surveillance applications to fully controllable digital video surveillance systems.

  • Thermal cameras with analysis of up to 18 gases.
  • Thermal cameras with analysis for perimeter protection.
  • Mobile monitoring. Sale and rental of mobile systems.
  • Video analytics (intrusion detection, object protection, directional analytics, etc.)
  • IR / laser (SWIR). Long-distance invisible lighting for discreet monitoring.
  • Camera solutions for ATEX-areas.
  • Stainless steel solutions for monitoring in extreme areas.
  • Thermography cameras with analytics of temperatures, alarms at min / max temperature.
  • Fire and smoke detection.

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