No. 1 security platform

At CCTV Nordic we are not just focusing on individual products. What’s really top of mind is how we can combine these into a unique and customized solution that meets the needs of our clients.

Therefore we are proud to be close partner with Genetec – which we believe is the leading security platform in the market.

Flexible and Scalable

Choose from a variety of modular applications and build a system that matches your unique requirements. Beyond core access control, video surveillance, ALPR systems, and communications management, Security Center supports a variety of advanced features and plugins that allow you to address the evolving landscape of risks and threats.

Unified and Efficient

Move away from independent systems and take advantage of a unified view of all your security information. With consolidated monitoring, reporting, and a map-centric approach to security management, Security Center allows operators to become more efficient, make better decisions, and respond to incidents more rapidly.

Reliable and Secure

Take advantage of the most innovative possibilities for uninterrupted system access, data protection, and privacy. When you have people and critical assets to protect, rely on a platform that provides continuous access and is engineered to limit system interruptions, all while offering enhanced IT-based security that prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data.

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