Advanced camera solutions for airports, ports, roads, trains and railways

In cooperation with our suppliers, CCTV Nordic offers tailor-made camera solutions for airports, trains and railways, seaports and roads – focusing on safety, operation and profitability.

Advanced video analysis responds to whether a vehicle has been stopped in a tunnel or searching for a specifik person or car. These are just some of the camera technologies we offer.

• Thermal cameras with analytics for perimeter protection / penetration
• ALPR – Automatic License Plate Recognition
• Advanced video analytics (intrusion detection, object protection, directional analysis, etc.)
• Facerecognition for detecting wanted / selected persons
• IR / laser (SWIR). Long distance invisible lighting for discreet monitoring
• Multi-sensor cameras for monitoring large areas.
• Customer count, traffic analysis and queue management
• Vehicle search based on color, type and special features of cars
• Vehicle Incident Detection

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