About us

Camera system supplier – with a passion.

We do not just follow the standards. We set them. And we firmly believe that it gives our customers optimal value – both in the individual solution and in the long run.

As passionate nerds, we are at the forefront of technological development and we are passionate about delivering the highest quality in both consulting and solutions. We do this by matching our own comprehensive technical insight and experience and high ethical standards with the best products on the market.

We believe that camera systems  – and storage and use of the recordings – must be done properly and safely. There must be no doubt about the intentions of the camera surveillance and access to data.

That’s why we put together individual and technologically advanced solutions for customers who have the same conscientious approach to surveillance.

With the market’s most advanced hardware and software from manufacturers sharing our high standards of surveillance ethics and data protection, we create cutting-edge solutions that create long-term value for our customers.

Years of experience

For many years, CCTV Nordic has sourced and built camera systems to meet all kinds of professional needs.

We supply hi-tech equipment via our webshop (login required) and we help our clients to devise the optimal solution.

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