Industry and logistics

Optimize your workflow

CCTV Nordic offers customized camera solutions for industrial, logistics and transport companies.

As one of our focus areas, CCTV Nordic specializes in providing advanced camera systems for monitoring industrial processes as a part of the production.

We offer a wide range of special solutions for industrial and process monitoring – from thermographic cameras with temperature monitoring to process monitoring of ovens or other extreme conditions.

• Process monitoring for manufacturing industry.
• Inspection system for narrow spaces and machines.
• Image processing for quality control with analytics.
• Oven cameras. (Max. 1,600 gr)
• Transmission – wireless, link.
• Camera solutions for ATEX areas.
• Stainless steel solutions for monitoring in extreme areas.
• Fire and smoke detection.
• Thermography cameras with temperature analytics. (alarms at min / max temperature)
• Process monitoring transmitted to screen walls and projectors
• Thermal cameras with analytics for perimeter protection / penetration
• Video analytics (intrusion detection, object detection, license plate recognition, directional
analysis, etc.)
• Security monitoring of special zones.
• Drone inspection of chimneys, wind turbines or similar.
• Package search, package loss detection

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