Polis, fängelser och Väpnade styrkor

Radar technology keeps your perimeter protected

It requires specialized knowledge to provide solutions to the police, prisons and the armed forces. At CCTV Nordic we always keep abreast of the latest technologies and opportunities.

When it comes to ensuring safety, and maintaining a secure environment, having a complete picture can make all the difference. CCTV Nordic offers customized camera solutions focused on collecting data from many different camera solutions to give the user the best possible response.

Combined with the technologies below, the solution is especially aimed at the police, prisons and the armed forces.

  • Thermal cameras with analytics for perimeter protection / penetration
  • Mobile monitoring. Sale and rental of mobile systems
  • ALPR – Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Video analytics (intrusion detection, object protection, directional analysis, etc.)
  • Body-worn cameras
  • Facerecognition for detecting wanted / selected persons
  • IR / laser (SWIR). Long distance invisible lighting for discreet monitoring
  • Vehicle search based on color, type and special features of cars
  • Vehicle Incident Detection
  • Radar with PTZ positioning
  • Car chassis Scanners
  • Drone detection systems
  • Multisensor cameras for monitoring large spaces

For more information on the benefits of our camera systems, please email us at info@cctvnordic.com